Thanks for reading Tim! A few thoughts:

  • I could be wrong but I believe the promo was just for the U.S. Nevertheless, good thinking on potential international shipping costs.
  • Good thinking on fulfillment costs as well. I admittedly missed that in my analysis. Given they were college students, it’s also possible they used “alternative” forms of fulfillment for their first run, ie. enthusiastic friends, family, fraternity members, etc.
  • Their Instagram actually got shut down after they hit 700k. The one they have up now was started after that.
  • I think the plan was always to eventually charge the current mark-up. This initial $12 run was only ever intended for marketing — it just did way better than they could’ve expected.
  • I don’t know if they’re sourcing from overseas now. I also don’t know if they did it for their first run — just speculation on what’s likely on my part. It’s possible they made/make them locally.

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