Hi Hansel, thanks for reading! I’ll address a few points:

  • This article is not intended to be advice in any way, as I made sure to include in the opening line. Take it as a whole and it’s essentially just me articulating why I believe Warren Buffett has pushed index funds so hard.
  • I am factoring in the possibility of a prolonged bear market. In the article, I advocate for a timeline of at least 20 years. I don’t think any bear market has lasted that long (in the U.S., which is the audience I’m writing this for). If you have debts to settle, you would know instantly while reading this article that this strategy is not for you.
  • Fair point on DCA vs lump sum. However, not everyone has access to all the capital they want to invest up front. Others budget according to their monthly salary.
  • It’s certainly not my intention to paint a half picture in any way, but I believe if you read the article closely, the details are clear. That said, I’m open to further points that need to be clarified!

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