According to Dr. Marvin Rappaport, "chronic eczema" is actually a relatively new thing. Before doctors started prescribing steroids, the vast majority of eczema faded away on its own.

If this is correct, most adults don't actually have eczema - they have topical steroid withdrawal. It's awful that so many medical treatments are prescribed without long term testing.

I have a similar story to yours. I enjoyed reading this article and agree with most of what you say here. The one thing I would caution is blaming animal products. There's a new (extreme) diet emerging called the carnivore diet, where you eat *only* meat. I don't subscribe to it but a lot of people have healed their autoimmune issues doing it.

I believe at the end of the day the real foods causing everyone's digestion issues are carbs and sweets. My hypothesis is that that's why both vegan diets and carnivore diets seem to work.

Some meats, like liver, are the most nutritious food on earth and our Asian ancestors have been eating them for centuries. Just some food for thought.

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